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Pilgrimage of Angels

Raymond Sardella


In the beginning, long before the existence of mankind, God brought forth many powerful beings into creation. The Titans were among His first creations and were imbued with immense power. However, their desire to be considered equal to their creator blinded them, leading them to wage an unending war against Him for control over the Heavens and Earth, which had just been formed. As they fought for their own selfish desires, the Titans brought destruction and chaos to the world.

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Even their own offspring, the Olympians, could no longer support such a destructive force and pledged their loyalty to God instead. In response, the Titans created new beings to continue their fight - creatures fueled by hatred and fire with a thirst for killing. To counteract this destructive force, God manifested the Angels with the hope of bringing peace back to the Heavens and Earth. Born into a world of turmoil and destruction, these Angels must navigate their purpose in this chaotic journey while facing terrifying enemies on the battlefield. Their ultimate goal: to end their Father's war once and for all.

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