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Seeds of Betrayal

Raymond Sardella


Greagian ventures into the forest, a place teeming with threatening dryads and unpredictable fayes. When their guide, promised to them by Artemis, suddenly takes flight, Greagian and his companion are left vulnerable to the dangers lurking in the shadows. But what they encounter in the woods is not at all what they had anticipated. In addition to dryads and satyrs, they come across someone far more formidable: a Titan.Torel has been dispatched by the archangels to join forces with the foot soldiers under the renowned Theocles. 

With a strong desire to prove himself and an eagerness to be of service, Torel becomes Theocles' spy. As he witnesses firsthand the ongoing war against the Titans, it becomes clear that the Olympians hold little regard for their angelic allies. While the gods indulge in luxuries, the angels sacrifice everything in hopes of defeating the titans. Despite their alliance, there is a clear divide between the two groups. Will their union be enough to overcome this war, or will conflicts and the stubborn pride of the Olympians tear them apart before they even face the Titans?

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