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Raymond has honed his craft around his novel PILGRIMAGE OF ANGELS and is currently working on developing a sequel.

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Science Fiction




Before the dawn of man, God brought forth many beings into creation. His first creations, the Titans, in their thirst and lust to be considered equals, waged an unending war against Him for their selfish desires to hold dominion over the Heavens and the newly created Earth. The Titans brought destruction and strife to the Heavens, so much so that even their own children, the Olympians, could no longer support such a destructive plague against the beauty that the Father had created.

With the Olympians swearing fealty to the Father, the Titans turned to new creations, beasts of hatred, and fire, with an unnatural lust for killing. To answer these Hordes advancements, the father introduces a new race, the Angels, and with them a hope and promise to extinguish the fires the Titans have brought to the Heavens. But the newborn angels must now make sense of this turmoil they are born into, a war they have no choice but to fight, while traveling through hostile territory to arrive before the Father’s throne. They must search for their purpose on this pilgrimage, while facing terrors of beasts and battle, and in doing so, find a way to bring an end to their Father’s war.

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Raymond Sardella & J.D. Rice

New Book


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Raymond Sardella & J.D. Rice

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The mixture of mythology and religion is ingenious. The descriptive scenes are so nicely done that I felt like I actually woke in a field of new born Angels. I could almost smell and feel the scorched lines of the earth as Hermes followed the smoking paths of the fell-beasts through the green fields of heaven. I felt Greagian's pain from the loss of a friend in battle and his overwhelming emotion as he stood at the throne of our Father.

—  K.R. Rowe


War rages in the heavens. Olympians and Angels against Titans. When the powers of deities collide, destruction is inevitable - but will the cost of victory be too high a price to pay?  

Raymond Sardella returns to a world of angels, gods, and unbelievably immersive magic in this fast-paced fantasy that will leave you feeling as though you’ve just stepped into an ancient ballad. This vividly portrayed mixture of myth and religion will keep you on the edge of your seat and linger with you long after you’ve finished reading. 

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Born in Brooklyn New York to an Irish Mother and an Italian father, Raymond was raised on Long Island with his four siblings in a town called East Moriches. 

Raymond is married with three children and now makes his home on the coastal shores of North Carolina where he works and plays along the intracoastal.

As an author, Raymond specializes in Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. He has honed his craft around his novel "Pilgrimage of Angels" and is currently working on developing a sequel.



A fascinating new story straight from author Raymond Sardella



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